Share Trade Tracker

Share Trade Tracker v2.x

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.You can download these alternatives:

Track your Stock Trading performance, automated price and dividend updates

The developer is currently working on a new release. This download is therefore currently disabled.

Track your Stock Trading performance, automated price and dividend updates

Automated retrieval of share prices with the click of a button

Profit/Loss and % Gain/Loss automatically recalculated

Custom stop loss / take profit warnings to support your trading model

Multiple portfolios to organise and track your shares in groups

Add, update or delete shares via a custom form

Filter and sort all views using a central form

Automatically find and add dividends for shares in your portfolio

Upload of multiple buy or sell trades

Include shares from any Exchange around the world

Dashboard automatically updates with key measures of performance

Record and track interest paid and received, included to return calculation

Trading diary to keep notes on your trading strategy changes

Print or Save to PDF for all worksheets

Compatibility Note: Before downloading one of our Excel Spreadsheets make sure your system is compatible

Operating System : Windows Only, no support for MAC OS

Microsoft Office : Office 2007 and above

Enable Macros : All our workbooks require Macro's to be enabled and trusted

An Excel Share Portfolio Spreadsheet for the serious share trader. Share Trade Tracker is designed with automation as a key benefit, making the process of looking after your share portfolio organised, quick and easy. Keep track and record the buy and sell of your stocks using automated retrieval of share prices from the internet. Dividends are automatically found and added for shares in your portfolio.

The portfolio Profit & Loss and % Gain & Loss are automatically recalculated when you buy or

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    Time saving automation for tracking my stock portfolio.
    Great software, amazing automation within an Excel Sprea...   More